Our themes for all classes parallel our 4P’s (Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform) with animal friends and Artsy.

Enrichment Classes

ACTs of life specialises in working side by side with schools and organisations to present English Speech and Drama Classes!

Classes on Weekends, Evenings and/or Holiday Camps

We are open to offer classes to the public, provided there is a suitable venue available with minimum sign-ups (at least 12-15 participants).

Teacher Training:
Edu-TRAINer Teacher Training Sessions

Teachers treasure new and creative strategies to increase children’s learning and foster their independence in the classroom. Plus, teachers often ask for help in using songs, stories and movement.

ACTs of life enjoys teaming with teachers to share new teaching strategies, practice positive discipline techniques, and to “jazz-up” the curriculum.

Parent Training:

Working parents often have a desire for Parenting Workshops that guide parents to strengthen their parenting skills.

Specifically for reading stories, having discussions with children, and interacting with children to music.

Plus, we teach parents how to pair the books and songs we encourage parents to use this with field the books and songs we encourage parents to use.

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