• Pioneered Digital Educational Publications

10,000s of video teaching publications sold throughout Southeast Asia by FORM Kidz Education.

“Pre-School Kids – Phonics For The Asian Pre-Schooler” now available on YouTube.




  • Educated over 220,000 children, teachers, and parents since 2002

Providing high-energy, resource rich curriculum to transform language learning experiences for the educational demands of today and the future.

  • Developed Educational Projects

In collaboration with international publishers, and the renowned Ministry of Education Singapore, Singapore Dance Theatre, and Singapore Symphony Orchestra for 1000s of families.

Photo for Pioneered Digital Educational Publications

Photo for Developed Educational Projects

Photo for Educated over 220,000 children, teachers, and parents since 2002

Affiliations in Singapore

  • Strategic partnerships and affiliations with more than 90 Preschool Groups, 15 Private Companies, 15 Singapore Statutory Boards, and 17 Non-profit Organisations and Charities.

Recent Media Coverage

  • Featured in The Business Times, Singapore – September 2020.
  • Featured on HTV9 Television, Vietnam – December 2019.
  • Featured on Hanoi Television, Vietnam – April 2022


  • Awarded five Enterprise Singapore Grants in 2020-2022:

○Two Enterprise Development Grants 

○Three Market Readiness Assistance Grants.

  • Awarded the National Arts Council, Arts Supporter Award.

About Our Founder

  • Post-graduate Studies from NUS, Singapore and UC, New Zealand
  • Trained teachers and presented for 25 years in the USA, Singapore, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia
  • ESL Department Head at Shibuya Makuhari High School, Singapore for 10 years
  • Creative Director and Head Teacher at Singapore Repertory Theater for 10 years
  • Published regional publications and English books for educational purposes
  • Host Team Member at World Forum on Early Care and Education in Vancouver, Canada in March 2022

John Cunningham